Monday, October 11, 2010

2007 Calendar of Events

January 25-27 STA to attend Cassard masterclasses and recital at UBC
February 25 Mary Tickner presented a workshop on teaching jazz
March 4 Wendy Guimont, BC representative for Music for Young Children, gave a presentation on MYC
March 25 Nancy Sicsic, registered Alexander Technique instructor, gave a workshop on the Alexander Technique and how it relates to piano playing
April 29 Paula Wise, violinist/registered therapist, spoke on performance anxiety
September 9 Members met after a summer break to plan upcoming events. There was a short discussion on different teaching styles including differences between teaching children and teaching adults. This topic will be elaborated on at a later date.
October 28 Recommended Readings and Reference Materials – each member brought a selection of pedagogical reference materials ( Uszler, Bastien, Lewis etc) and interesting readings about music (Oliver Sacks, Daniel Levitan) to share and critique
November 25 Paula Wise spoke on how we, as teachers, transfer our ideas and values onto our students from a psychological perspective
December 9 Studio management workshop at the studio of John Dupuis

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