Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 Calendar of Events

January 19, 2014
Music games (card/board) for use in the music lesson with Drema Chuang
February 23, 2014 Pre-concert discussion facilitated by Dr. Carla Dodek/attend Murray Perahia Piano Recital at the Chan Centre
March 30, 2014Duet Literature for Beginner to Intermediate Students

April 27, 2014
Master Class for STA members with Bernard Duerksen
May 11, 2014 STA Recital at the Vancouver Unitarian Church
June 1, 2014 The Use of Music Therapy in Brain Injury Recovery with Katherine Wright
September 28, 2014 Financial advice on running a music studio including accounting and taxes with Nicholas Tong
October 19, 2014 “Objects and Observations” with Ailsa Zaenker
November 23, 2014
Baroque Dance workshop with Catherine Lee
December 7, 2014
Schools of PianoTechnique with Dr. Carla Dodek